BEST Vision

To grow the BEST in everyone

We believe in the importance of high expectations, hard work and the development of a community of schools where each of us strive to ‘be the best that we can be’.

BEST Values

We will:

Always put Children first
Our reference point question is ‘how will this improve outcomes for children and enable them to go on and succeed in life?’

Collaborate to support and compete to challenge
Our schools work together to add value and compete to continually improve.

Provide community based provision
Our schools form a coherent learning community at the heart of the Bedfordshire community.

BEST Beliefs

We will:

Deliver BEST outcomes
Outcomes will be in the top 20% nationally

Provide BEST opportunities
An extensive range of opportunities beyond the classroom will be provided to develop the whole person

Nurture talent
Our responsibility is to invest in our people and bring out the BEST in everyone

Operate a high autonomy, high accountability culture
Professionals will lead our system and take responsibility to continually raise standards

Lead through service
Leaders and followers will work together with mutual respect and shared responsibility