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BEST Nursery (Langford) receives Good Ofsted rating

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BEST Nursery (Langford) has been rated Good in all areas in its latest Ofsted inspection.

The report, which followed a visit in February, made special mention of the hard work by the nursery’s experienced manager and her team. It also highlighted the positive impact on all children’s learning and development brought about by good interaction with staff and a clear and purposeful curriculum.

Nursery Hub Manager Rachel Howarth said: “We are incredibly proud to be awarded a Good rating by Ofsted and are so pleased the hard work of all our staff is recognised within the final report. All the staff at the nursery and across BEST have worked tirelessly to create and deliver a curriculum which meets the needs of the children in our local community.

“At the heart of this is our focus on improving children’s communication and language. To do this, we have involved specialists from Pen Green and the local speech and language therapists to provide an excellent professional development offer for our staff. This has translated into high quality teaching and a successful education offer for all our children.

Some of the staff members at BEST Nursery (Langford), including manager Rachel Howarth, right

“Additionally, we have worked closely with the wider team at BEST and the local Early Years Special Educational Needs Advisory Team to ensure our offer for our SEND pupils is comprehensive. Any child with an additional need is provided with a package of support which ensures they make rapid progress in their development.

“The developments we have made as a team have been tremendous and each individual has had a huge part to play in the Ofsted rating we have received. We are also very grateful for the strong working relationships we have with Langford Village Academy and for the ongoing support from our families, without whom none of this would have been possible.”

BEST Director of Education Alison Wilshaw said: “The teamwork of staff at Langford Nursery has been duly recognised in their latest Ofsted. The strengths and purposeful actions of all involved were spoken of highly in the full feedback session.

“We see a single-mindedness amongst the staff to give the very best provision possible to the children in their care, and we are so proud of all that has been achieved in this past year. The children and staff are a happy bunch, engaging minds and nurturing creativity so that all grow and learn alongside each other.”

Some of the staff members at BEST Nursery (Langford) whose hard work has been recognised by Ofsted

BEST Chief Executive Officer Dr Alan Lee said: “I am very pleased with this report. It describes both the significant improvements and excellent quality of nursery provision on offer at Langford.

“I thank and congratulate all staff for their professionalism, dedication and hard work, and extend this thanks to our parents and wider community for their support and enthusiasm. Langford Nursery continues to go from strength to strength. I am a very proud CEO.”