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Our Schools and Nurseries

BEST schools and nurseries are centres of excellence and prized by the communities they serve.

Our family is currently made up of four lower schools, two primary schools, one middle school, two extended secondary schools, and one upper school, plus five nurseries.

Find out a bit more about them all below.

Campton Academy

Address: 17 Rectory Road, Campton, Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17 5PF
Lower school (Reception - Year 4)
Number of pupils on roll: 126
Ofsted: Good

We strive to provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment for all our pupils. We aim to instil a lifelong love of learning by providing each child with an environment that is stimulating and, where making mistakes are not only permitted, but actively encouraged. This will develop resilience, courage and self-esteem.

Etonbury Academy

Address: Stotfold Road, Arlesey, Bedfordshire SG15 6XS
Extended secondary school, including sixth form (Year 5 - 12)
Number of pupils on roll: 1092
Ofsted: Good

A modern and inclusive education with solid traditional British values of fairness, equality, tolerance and respect for our shared history and democratic rule of law. Our vision is a simple one – a truly great education for every child so that they can become happy, successful, positive and fulfilled adults.

Gothic Mede Academy

Address: High Street, Arlesey, Bedfordshire SG15 6SL
Lower school (Nursery - Year 4)
Number of pupils on roll: 313
Ofsted: Good

We provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment in which everyone is challenged intellectually and creatively. We recognise the skills and development needs of individuals and groups and actively seek to work towards the achievement of high standards and goals.

Gravenhurst Academy

Address: 10 High Street, Upper Gravenhurst, Bedfordshire MK45 4HY
Lower school (Reception - Year 4)
Number of pupils on roll: 61
Ofsted: Outstanding

Through a warm and caring ethos, we aim to help all pupils achieve their full potential by encouraging, stimulating, enthusing and challenging them in their learning. The school promotes an open and supportive partnership with pupils, parents, staff, governors and the community.

langford village academy

Address: Church Street, Langford, Bedfordshire SG18 9QA
Primary school (Reception - Year 6)
Number of pupils on roll: 257
Ofsted: Good

We believe in a happy, stimulating and safe environment, with an exciting topic-based curriculum so that all the children and adults enjoy their learning. We believe that every member of our school community should feel valued.  It is every child’s right to achieve to the best of their ability (and beyond!).

lawnside academy

Address: Lawnside, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire SG18 0LX
Lower school (Reception - Year 4)
Number of pupils on roll: 168
Ofsted: Good

We strive to nurture a passion for lifelong learning in everyone, encouraging all children and adults at the school to be confident and independent. We aim to provide opportunities for each and every child to develop their courage, perseverance, self-esteem and aspiration, while all the time feeling safe to take risks, make mistakes and challenge themselves.

Pix brook academy

Address: Arlesey Road, Stotfold, Bedfordshire SG5 4HB
Extended secondary school (Year 5 - 9)
Number of pupils on roll: 717
Ofsted: Good

We provide an exceptional pupil experience based on our core values of Ambition, Aspiration and Responsibility. Pupils are taught to appreciate the importance of education and recognise their contribution to society. We are guided by the moral purpose of providing the building blocks for all our young people to reach their potential so they have control and choice over their future.

Robert Bloomfield academy

Address: Bloomfield Drive, Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17 5BU
Middle school (Year 5 - 8)
Number of pupils on roll: 982
Ofsted: Outstanding

We are a thriving, happy and successful school. Our emphasis is on high academic standards and developing in children the character and resilience they will need to contribute to a fast-changing world. We value each child and provide them with the opportunity to fulfil their potential and enjoy learning. We strive to offer them an extensive range of opportunities in, and beyond, the classroom. 

samuel whitbread academy 

Address: Shefford Road, Clifton, Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17 5QS
Upper school, including sixth form (Year 9 - 13)
Number of pupils on roll: 1,686
Ofsted: Good

We offer an exceptional academic and extracurricular experience in an outstanding learning environment where students are expected to work hard and achieve their best. We offer a well-balanced curriculum with plenty of choice to prepare students for the next stage in their lives. 

St Christophers academy

Address: Gorham Way, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU5 4NJ 
Primary school (Nursery - Year 6)
Number of pupils on roll: 403
Ofsted: Good

Our emphasis is on high academic standards and developing the character and resilience of our children. We have excellent facilities and teachers. We provide children with the opportunity to fulfil their potential in, and beyond, the classroom as part of a caring community that values education the individuals.


Registered Address: Shefford Road, Clifton, Shefford, Bedfordshire SG17 5QS
Arlesey Tel/Email: 01462 732168 /
Langford Tel / Email: 01462 410420 /
Shefford Tel / Email: 01462 815637 /

BEST Nurseries provide first class, family-orientated sessional and day care which is accessible to all. We recognise that an appropriate and positive nursery experience will help children feel confident as they begin their educational journey. BEST has nurseries in Arlesey, Langford and Shefford (along with school-based provision at Gothic Mede and St Christophers Academies).